Cardiopulmonary resuscitator device MCPR 100C

型号 MCPR 100C
类型 Electro-pneumatic CPR machine
品牌 landswick



Operation video of electro-pneumatic cardiopulmonary resuscitation machine

Product Features and Advantages

· Fully complies with the latest standards of "American Heart Association AHA 2015 Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation Operation Guidelines "

· High ventilation volume, can be used for general population, also can be used for athletes and other people with large vital capacity, and can monitor the ventilation volume in real time

· The compression frequency can be adjusted to 120 times/min, and can provide a variety of compression ventilation mode options, and the compression depth can be continuously and accurately adjusted

· With anti-mis-touch function, the control panel can be locked with one key

· A contoured back panel with a patented appearance design, which can open the airway at the first time and facilitate intubation

· Unique double-column fixed, bow-shaped compression system; can indicate the thickness of the chest, the compression system can quickly

· Won the title of high-tech product in Guangdong Province

· Own computer software copyright, provide software upgrade service for equipment

product performance

safe and reliable

· With battery power display and charging reminder function

· Ventilation state sound prompt function: 5 presses before ventilation, short sound prompts, and ventilation state sound long sound prompts until the end of ventilation

· Can work normally in extremely cold and hot environments from -40°C to +50°C

· With IPX4 waterproof function

Multi-configuration, multi-purpose

· Portable configuration with multi-purpose backpack and field configuration with portable oxygen power rack

· Can be fixed on various boarding stretchers and transfer stretchers, suitable for various emergency transfer environments

· Can be used with the transfer oxygen power system and the oxygen supply system of the hospital center

Flexible operation , easy to carry

· Simple structure, can be put into emergency work quickly

· Small size, easy to carry, the weight is only 6.5Kg including battery

MCPR 100A, MCPR 100B and MCPR 100C main technical parameters

Technical ParametersMCPR 100AMCPR 100BMCPR 100C
Press drive mode: electro-pneumatic
Compression frequency: 100, 110, 120 times/min adjustable
Compression depth: 0~7cm visible, continuously and accurately adjustable
Ventilation volume range: 0~1500ml, suitable for general population and special population with large vital capacity
Compression mode: fully automatic synchronous compression breathing 30:2 mode, 15:2 mode, continuous compression mode, CCV modemanual ventilation
The continuous working time of the battery is more than 8 hours, and there is a power prompt function, AC and DC power supply can be used
Ventilation real-time monitoring