Imported CPR Device
HeartSaver 100

HeartSaver 100

USA Landswick Auto- CPR Device

Safe, Reliable, Durable


+Pneumatic air control, Applicable to a variety of adverse working conditions
+Host a hard shell , its strength meets military standards


Multi-configuration, multi-purpose

+ Portable basic configuration , the standard configuration , advanced stretcher configuration 

+ Can be used for an ambulance stretcher, hospital beds, stair stretchers and other emergency transport place

+Can be adapted to a variety of oxygen power systems and hospital central oxygen supply system

+ Transport of oxygen can be adapted to a variety of power systems and hospital central oxygen supply system

+Suitable for pre-hospital , hospital CPR

Flexible , Easy to carry

+Start quickly

+ Weight: only 6.5kg


Heart Saver 100 technical parameters:
1.Drive mode: pneumatic air control,continuous compression independently; Synchronized breathing and ventilation pressed
2.Compress rate≥100 times /minute
3.Compression depth is not less than 5cm,visonable,adjustable
4.*Ventilation volume: 200~1500ml, adjustable
5.Compression release rate: 1:1 (50%:50%)
6. *Automatic synchronizing breathing with continuous pressing mode 30:2, 15:2;continuous compression
7. Ventilation times:1S ,1.5S,2S
8. Rated working pressure input≥0.35MPa
9. When oxygen pressure input≥0.7 MPa±0.1 MPa, system pressure relief valve opens
10.When airway pressure≥60cm H2O, automatic relief alarms
11. Presser has identified bilateral compression depth rigid column to display the patient's chest thick
12.Double rigid column presser can slide back and forth ,when the patient is not moving ,can ensure the patient's heart pressing position
13.Use polymer insulation materials of presser for contacting the human, when presser is not removed , defibrillation is workable as well。
14.High- back design for patient to open her airway easier and effectively 
15.Oxygen -driven pressure range between 345Kpa ~ 621Kpa
16. Weight≤6.5kg
18. Imported products
Remark:* means that is our unique point.

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