Imported CPR Device




USA Landswick Auto- CPR Device

Safe, Reliable , Durable

+Pneumatic air control, Applicable to a variety of adverse working conditions

+Host a hard shell , its strength meets military standards


Multi-configuration, multi-purpose

+ Portable basic configuration , the standard configuration , advanced stretcher configuration 

+ Can be used for an ambulance stretcher, hospital beds, stair stretchers and other emergency transport place

+Can be adapted to a variety of oxygen power systems and hospital central oxygen supply system

+ Transport of oxygen can be adapted to a variety of power systems and hospital central oxygen supply system


Flexible , Easy to carry

+Start quickly

+ Weight: only 6.5kg


HLR R-601 CPR Device technical parameters:
1.Drive mode: pneumatic air control,continuous compression independently; Synchronized breathing and ventilation pressed
2.Compress rate≥100 times /minute
3.Compression depth is not less than 5cm,visonable,adjustable
4.*Ventilation volume: 200~1500ml, adjustable
5.Compression release rate: 1:1 (50%:50%)
6. *Automatic synchronizing breathing with continuous pressing mode 30:2, 15:2;continuous compression
7. Ventilation times:1S ,1.5S,2S
8. Rated working pressure input≥0.35MPa
9. When oxygen pressure input≥0.7 MPa±0.1 MPa, system pressure relief valve opens
10.When airway pressure≥60cm H2O, automatic relief alarms
11.*when 5 points of presser is fixed , according to the press part of the patient ,presser can be  adjustable with groin.
12.Use polymer insulation materials of presser for contacting the human, when presser is not removed , defibrillation is workable as well。
13.Backplane has 8 fixed points, the patient and the device is easy to be fixed in bed , stretcher or ambulance transport Tam shelves。
14.*High- back design for patient to open her airway easier and effectively 
15.Oxygen -driven pressure range between 345Kpa ~ 621Kpa
16. Weight≤6.5kg。
18. Imported products
Remark:* means that is our unique point.


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